Do you REALLY need a Realtor to buy and sell real estate – A Realtor Perspective

Sitting in my office working through all of the lengthy transaction related responsibilities I have for each of my sellers and buyers I hear one of those ads (which seem to be on more often these days) to sell your home without a Realtor or listing your property.  I ask myself if this is even possible and to what detriment to the customer.  Now some will argue that they used one of these programs and the process was great.  For those, I would argue, what part of it was great?  Do you feel you received just compensation for your home? Was an appraisal ever completed to ensure you were getting a fair price?  Were the fees involved with this type of transaction worth not having to show some buyers your home?  In most transactions using the “instant offer” type of service, the fees can be as high as 8%.  What about those who say, I don’t need a Realtor, I will sell it myself.  In this case, you need to see how much less on average these homes sell for NAR Report on FSBO

Now I am not naive and for some, the hassle of putting your home on the open market, scheduling showings, and negotiating a contract is worth the tradeoff of a little less in your pocket and no one looking out for your best interest. That is OK!

Buying and Selling Real Estate has always been about both the buyer and seller having a positive experience and receiving the best terms and price for both sides.  Some homeowners have lived in their home for 30+ years looking forward to the day they can sell it for top dollar and walk away with their “full nest egg”.

So what do you get with a Realtor?  Is it worth it?  Most Realtors at this point will list ALL of the things they do for their customer’s line by line.  The obvious service objectives can be found on any agent or Brokerage website  (MY WEBSITE) showing their value. I think the point here is that much of the value behind a Real Estate professional is the things that are not written on these lists.  Sometimes the agent doesn’t even realize the impact of these things.  There are so many ” behind the scene” things that agents take care of to ensure the positive experience we are promising.  If we were not involved, I cannot imagine most of these getting done which leads to 1 BIG concern…RISK!

For instance, negotiations are a key factor in making sure a seller gets the best possible result.  This negotiation process can consist of 5-10 telephone calls, 5 text messages and 6 emails back and forth with the buyer’s agent, the buyer’s lender, the title company etc.. before we come to an agreement.  Then there is typically 10-12 emails coordinating and making sure all of the legal documents are signed properly.  Did you know that we track down the buyer escrow to ensure it is sitting with the title company before we let the buyer do their inspections? There are countless items at work behind the scenes during the transaction process.

The bottom line is that everyone has a choice in who or what they use to sell or purchase a home.  Who the future, there might be a realtor robot that picks you up and takes you house hunting.  Until then, my vote still lies with a professional who can guide you through the process and net you the best return on your investment. I might be biased, but I have witnessed too many of the RISK items that require the assistance of an experienced professional.

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